88 and 89...Still Celebrating!

Jackie J, Mollie, Grandpa, Grandma, Jackie, and Mollie J. outside of Miller’s Alehouse this afternoon for their fun birthday celebration!

Today was wonderful! Never has their been a better example of love, compassion, and togetherness than by my grandparents who today, celebrated their 88 and 89th Birthday…yes, their birthday really is on the same day! My grandmother born in Chicago and Grandpa born in Arranmore, Ireland! They are truly childhood sweethearts and each other’s best friend. They are the picture of love….more about that tomorrow! :)

The look of love.

This kiss, this kiss, perpetual bliss! (Thank You Faith Hill) ;)


One last celebration at the house…with some homemade chocolate whipped cream cake! You can never party too much!

We love you Grandma and Papa, Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! :) 

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