We’re Mollie & Jackie, twin sisters and free spirits who capture the soulful sounds of the past by blending haunting harmonies w/raw indie pop. Our secret ingredient=LOVE!

Born in Las Vegas, NV our inspiration is our mom and aunt, also twins named Jackie and Mollie! Growing up we heard all kinds of music, but once they taught us 4-part harmony, we were hooked! We all sang together and were formerly signed to an indie record label, but, family matters forced us to take a hiatus.

We’re passionate about family and music, as well as diabetes, since Mollie was diagnosed at age 4, which is why we created The Diabetic Angels and shot a video diary for GMA, which resulted in us being honored as Most Caring Americans and as finalists for the Do Something Awards…read more!

Life can throw what it wants at us, we’re just grateful for the love & support of our family friends & fans! All we want is to share the joy we feel & give you a hug thru each note! So enjoy our songs from classic throwback to new favs!