AT LAST…Studio At The Palms

A world-class recording studio that caters to all artists…known and unknown! A w weeks ago, we, the members of MJ2, had the pleasure of filming a special TV segment for HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade, called Breakthrough Women at Studio At The Palms, in the Palms Las Vegas…What a thrill! MJ2 in the Studio at the Palms George Maloof, of the Palms Las Vegas and Zoe Thrall, Director of Studio at the Palms, have surpassed all expectations by providing a world-class studio run by the most experienced recording industry veterans, who see to it that everyone is happy! Studio at the Palms However, Studio at the Palms reputation as the ‘go to’ recording studio in the West is only surpassed by their love for Las Vegas and commitment to the community, which is how we met Zoe Thrall and had the privilege of recording and filming at Studio at the Palms. MJ2 with Zoe Thrall at Studio at the Palms We offer our deepest thanks to Zoe Thrall and her amazing staff, for their kindness, generosity and especially for helping to facilitate a wonderful day. Everyone involved in the shoot was thrilled with the professionalism shown the CNN camera crew and MJ2, but like all good things our special day came to an end, so we gathered up our equipment, gave and received some very special hugs and said hasta luego (MJ2 never says good bye)! MJ2 with their Daisy Rock guitars at Studio at the Palms We left the Studio at the Palms, with our Daisy Rock Guitars slung across our backs, but we didn’t look back rather we focused on the future…a future that includes the next time we record at the legendary Studio at the Palms! **In December of 2011 CNN may be featuring additional footage of MJ2 and the Diabetic Angels, so remember…every time you see MJ2 in the recording studio, the footage was shot at…STUDIO AT THE PALMS!

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