CNN Transcript - Stem Cell Research Supporters Speak on Capitol Hill


Stem Cell Research Supporters Speak on Capitol Hill

Aired July 17, 2001 - 13:12 ET 
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JOIE CHEN, CNN ANCHOR: There is, as we have pointed out, a great deal of discussion on Capitol Hill about the stem cell research question. News conference under way now with a number of the lawmakers involved in this. Let’s listen now. 

REP. CAROLYN MALONEY (D), NEW YORK: … medical research that we can offer. You will meet some of those people today. We have called these patients the seven faces of stem cell research. But in reality, there are millions of faces that will be affected by the president’s decision. Let’s hear from America! Let’s hear from the patients. 


I know we introduced you to Molly and Jackie Singer. Molly and Jackie are 12-year-old twins from Las Vegas, Nevada. Molly was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 4. Her twin Jackie doesn’t have the disease. Molly and Jackie have been very active in urging support for stem cell research. They have written many letters to President Bush asking for his support, and have given up their vacation to be here at this press conference. Thank you for coming. 

MOLLY SINGER, HAS JUVENILE DIABETES: Thank you. My name is Molly Singer, and this is my twin sister Jackie. Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and ever since then I worry that my sister will get this terrible disease. 

So far, I have had 21,000 shots and 28, 000 finger pokes. At age 5, I had open heart surgery, which made it harder because of my diabetes. Because of all of the problems I’ve had, I worry about my future and I don’t want Jackie or anyone to go through what I’ve been through. We need to do something to stop this. Please support the NIH guidelines for embryonic stem cell research. Thank you. 

CHEN: All right. These are the young faces involved in the campaign of supporters favoring federal guidelines for stem cell research. As you know, this is quite a topic of great debate on Capitol Hill these days. Part of the issue goes to the issue of the pro-life forces and scientific research forces, as they try to consider what should be done about stem cell research opportunities. 

Appearing before the reporters on Capitol Hill today, a couple of families presenting their children and saying that they need additional help from the government to try to promote stem cell research to help their children as well. CNN is continuing to follow this controversial debate. We will bring you updates on that. 

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