Diabetic Angels!

Jackie and I are announcing that the Diabetic Angels, an outreach/fundraising group are going global!

We want to tell everyone that after the formation of the Diabetic Angels 10 years ago, we are today, proudly announcing the Diabetic Angels website, Official Facebook Group, and Official Myspace Page…we are now online! You can read more about the Diabetic Angels on our website, but this is an exciting time for us and for all of the DA’s around the world, who were with us in the beginning! For those of you who are not familiar with the Diabetic Angels, when we began we could only fax and email each other; we didn’t have a way to support one another online. But, with the creation of the website, facebook, and myspace friends, we are well on our way to being able to reach out and help diabetics around the world!

Please visit: www.diabeticangels.comand we ask those of you who can, to add our banner or link your website/blog, so we can continue to touch the lives of diabetics everywhere.

To see the banner and links for your page, click here!

If you need other size banners, please email us and we will respond!


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