Early Voting

MJ2 went to Albertsons grocery store to early #vote + encountered a group of men using their cell phones to take pictures of American voters, voting…including us + without our permission! So I whipped out my phone + took a picture of them taking pictures of us ( look at the man staring at me😊). I was told to stop taking pictures because it was against the law, I said, ‘it is? Then why are those men taking pictures of us and other voters at the voting machines? Why is it okay for them to take pictures of us with their cell phones, but not okay for me to use my phone?’ A very nervous election department volunteer said they can take pictures because they’re 'Important’ people! I said NOooo…they can’t. Not in this country! Here, 'special' people don’t get to break the law, so either it’s legal or it isn’t!

Then, I asked who the dignitaries were and was told they were Larry Lomax, Las Vegas Registrar of Voters and he was escorting a group of FOREIGN DIGNITARIES…Hmmm, is that code for the UN’s International Monitors? Then we told the election dept. 'Observer,’ who was very nice that if they were going to take our pictures that I was absolutely take theirs! He told me again to stop and again I said no! Who were these people? Who gave them the authority to monitor Americans at the voting machines? And who said they could take our pictures without our permission? Also, what are they doing with these pictures we didn’t give them permission to use? Finally, check out the limo, this chariot is how our Registrar and his DIGNATARIES are being transported from one poll site to another….rough!

What do you think, is this limo paid for with taxpayer dollars? This is outrageous! Our volunteers are very capable of assuring an honest and safe election process…we don’t need the assistance of foreign governments to help the oldest Democracy in the world produce an honest election! (at Albertsons)

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