Happy Thanksgiving and You Can't Say Love Enough!

“There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.”

On this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for our family traditions…the old fashioned ones where everyone helps to make the dinner, we sit around the kitchen all day, we talk, we laugh, we tell the same old stories, and we laugh some more. It was truly great fun enjoying the company of three generations. We are thankful that our grandparents, at 87 and 88, are still with us, and always have and still make life so interesting.

We are thankful for our faith that guides our lives. We are thankful for our wonderful family who will always love and support us! We are thankful for the service men and women who sacrifice all for everyone’s freedom. We’re thankful for all of our dogs, (seven labs altogether.) How boring would life be without them?

We are thankful for our musical family who believed in us from the beginning. We are thankful for Ronnie Bishop, who discovered us. We are thankful for Dennis Money, who not only believed in us, but who took the biggest risk of all and produced our very first album, “You Can’t Say Love Enough.”  We are thankful for our Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) family and all the researchers around the world, who work tirelessly to cure Diabetes. You see, Dennis Money and Mollie Singer, the youngest Mollie in MJ2, are both Juvenile Diabetics, and have lived with Diabetes since they were 4 years old, which is why we are so thankful that we were able to bring together, our musical family and our JDRF family.   This collaboration is based on LOVE and the end result is the Celebrity Single entitled, “You Can’t Say Love Enough,” and ALL of the net proceeds benefit the JDRF. It should also be known that Dennis, our management team, the marketing people, artists, and musicians, all lent their talent for the sole purpose of giving back and making a difference in the lives of millions of diabetics around the world.

Our project began when we asked Dennis Money, our producer, if we could record a song and have all of the proceeds be donated to JDRF.  Dennis thought it was a wonderful idea, and after a few months went by, Dennis played us a song, he was sure this was the perfect song for us to use as a fundraiser. However, Dennis took it to the next level, when we suggested we ask a variety of celebrities of all genres of music to join us in our venture and have each one since a line or a phrase on the song, so that we would create a one of a kind, collector, All-Star Single that would not only raise additional funds but would help raise Diabetes Awareness. Steve Wariner was the very first artist to agree to sing on the Celebrity Single, “You Can’t Say Love Enough,” for this, we are eternally grateful!  We are equally thankful to the other artists who followed in Steve’s footsteps and also agreed to give of their time and talent and help diabetics around the world…they include Dolly Parton, Wayne Newton, Andy Griggs, Bill Anderson, Buddy Jewell, Burns and Poe, Cowboy Troy, Heartland, Heidi Newfield, Larry Gatlin and Rudy Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers, Lee Greenwood, Mark Collie, Moe Bandy, Rio Grand, T.G. Sheppard, and Garrett Steele.

We are so grateful that our All-Star Celebrity Single, MJ2 & Celebrity Friends “You Can’t Say Love Enough,” is now available on iTunes, [click here!] and our album will be released just in time for Christmas!

But above all, we are grateful for our health, and the opportunity to be living our dream as a family, one who truly loves and cares about each other…we are so blessed!

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