Heart of Gold Girls!


Jackie and I are so excited to announce that we have been named as two of the spokespeople for Heart of Gold! For those of you who are not familiar with Heart of Gold, we would like for you to read about Heart of Goldin their own words, as to who they are and about their goal to help young women!

Heart of Gold is the first web community dedicated to helping young women embrace and celebrate the unique gifts they bring to the world. No ordinary “teen girls” site, heartofgoldgirls.com is more like a virtual roadmap for living, with engaging, dynamic content devoted to showing girls how to discover their individual passions while developing their interests, opinions, and personal style.

Sprinkled generously with timeless pearls of wisdom and stocked with useful, beautiful, and unusual products, Heart of Gold will also show girls how to have fun while “doing good” because 10% of Heart of Gold’s net profits will be donated to charity.

“Tuning into that “still, small voice within”

Heart of Gold is founded on the belief that finding your unique voice — the inner, authentic voice with which each and every one of us is born — is the key to realizing your dreams. To that end, heartofgoldgirls.com offers young women a “toolbox of how-tos” for living an authentic, empowered life of purpose, responsibility and service to others.

It’s no wonder then that Heart of Gold’s signature product is the Follow your Heart to the Life of your Dreams™ necklace — a heart-shaped compass intended to help its wearer remain focused on goals and dreams no matter what roadblocks may show up along the way.”

Honesty in all you say Excellence in all you do Acceptance of what life brings you because attitude is everything! Respect for yourself and others Tenacity to stick to your goals Ownership of your life, your actions & your destiny Faith in yourself & your talents Gratitude for what you have now Optimism about what’s to come Love for yourself and others Dedication to stay the course until you are living the life of your dreams!

After reading what we’ve posted above, we’re sure everyone can understand why we are truly excited to be a part of such a wonderful organization, especially since Heart of Gold’s message is so inspirational!! Also, like most of you, we love the, “Follow your heart to the life of your dreams” necklace. We wear this inspiring jewelry daily as a constant reminder that when you follow your heart and believe in yourself, dreams really do come true!


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