It's Possible - MJ2 Official Music Video

Video Premiere: MJ2, “It’s Possible

Artist: MJ2

Song: “It’s Possible”, the single available to buy on iTunes now!

Fun Fact About the Song: We thought our song was complete, but when we reviewed it one week before we were going into the recording studio, we found a better way to express our ideas and re-wrote half the song. :)

Fun Fact About the Video: We had to postpone recording in Nashville by one day, so that George Strait could finish recording his album! Needless to say, it was our pleasure!

Another Fun Fact About the Video: People ask us why we all wear blue…and that’s simple! “We try to have some blue on us every time we perform, it’s our way of raising diabetes awareness. They also ask us, "why is the video in Nashville?” Not only is Nashville known as “Music City” but it’s a city where dreams come true… It’s Possible, anything is possible there!“

Songwriters Say: “We were inspired to write this song because one member of MJ2, Mollie J. is a type 1 diabetic, and this was our opportunity to not only support Mollie, but to encourage everyone who faces challenges, whether they be health, financial, or personal problems, to persevere and keep working for what they believe in and follow their dreams! “Because we are so passionate about our music and supporting the diabetes community, writing this song was easy. It’s our hope that in someone’s darkest moment, they can turn to this song, and be motivated to push through whatever holds them back.”

Download the song, “It’s Possible” now on iTunes! Ringtones also available: search “MJ2” in iTunes! View our blog from the recording studio in Nashville! Follow us: Facebook - Twitter - Tumblr - YouTube - Instagram - Hangw/ us at “mj2twins” - iTunes

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