MJ2's "Signs of Love"

Signs of Love has been updated! We’ve added 24 You Can’t Say Love Enough Signs of LOVE!!!! If you would like to add your picture, please email your sign with “You Can’t Say Love Enough” in it to: signs@mj2twins.com! Hope you enjoy the new signs!

Justice, Alexa, (@Sugar_Nova) (DOC meetups rock!) ;)  Mollie J. and Jackie J.

(thanks Alexa’s Flickr for this cool picture!) :)

Mollie J., Lex Rox, and Jackie J.

Mollie J., Lex Rox, and Jackie J. 

Pia, Jackie J., Mollie J., and Jordan! 

 To view all of the SIGNS OF LOVE on Flikr, click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mj2twins/sets/72157623635600420/ 

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