Mudd Girls Move the World!!

So, up until today, Jackie and I haven’t been able to update because we’ve been so busy…due to switching from PC to Mac over Christmas break, creating a website, cleaning our house, getting ready for school, (wait, i didn’t even put my books from last semester away, never mind.) :) Can you believe school starts on Tuesday? I was shocked at that sad realization! I’m really loving this break, its been fun!! But I am mainly writing in this today while on the plane to New York to update on what has been going on in our lives lately. For one, yes we’re going to New York!!! (oh my gosh) You see, last week, Jackie and I received a phone call from the Marketing Manager of MUDD, who enthusiastically asked to speak with Jackie and Mollie Singer. We politely answered, “yes, this is Mollie and Jackie…can we help you?” To our surprise, she exciedly told us that we had been selected as two of the four girls they will be using for the Mudd National Advertising Campaign, “Mudd Girls Move the World.” She went on to say that we would be flown to New York the following Tuesday for the all-day photo shoot and interview on Wednesday. We were very surprised, but thrilled and honored to have been chosen for this recognition and take seriously the opportunity to be role models. We appreciate that Mudd is using four everyday girls to demonstrate that all young girls can and should make a difference in their community, their country, and even the world! We are proud to be associated with Mudd and Iconix Brand Group Inc., for these corporations truly care enough to encourage young girls to become involved and support a cause in which they believe! We can already tell that this trip to New York is going to be so much fun! We can’t wait until tomorrow!! What a wonderful opportunity this is for all of us! We really are blessed! Thank you Mudd! :)

New York: Day 1, “Safe Travels!” The flight to NY was great, when we came down to the baggage claim, there was a nice man waiting to pick us up who was easy to spot because he stood in the middle of the baggage claim area holding up a bright pink sign with our names, “Mollie and Jackie.” We got in the car, and headed for Manhattan! Justine, the Marketing Manager of Mudd, had plans for the three of us “out of towners” to meet and get to know each other at a 7:30 dinner, which by the way had amazing guacamole! …can you believe we live in the Southwest and had to go to NYC to get great Guacamole Dip? We had the chance to meet Brittany, another one of the four role models, who is an absolutely beautiful and personable girl, not to mention, amazing. The project Brittany and her and her brother began is alleviating worry and bringing joy to soldiers and their families, this is truly admirable. Brittany and her brother are the two young people who started Cell Phones for Soldiers. Check them out at We are so proud to know her! Over the course of the night, we had a chance to get to know each other, and were amazed at how much the three of us and our families had in common! New York: Day 2, “The Photo Shoot” 6:30am (3:30am in Las Vegas!!!!!) We were up, getting dressed, eating a light breakfast at 8:15, and by 8:30, we were in a yellow cab on our way to the studio for the Photo Shoot! When we got there, we finally met Samantha, the fourth role model. She’s really a beautiful person, inside and out, who also happens to have a huge heart and spends much of her free time helping children with Cancer. We also met Marc, Victoria, Stephanie, Justine, and a group of wonderful professionals, who made up the crew that filmed the MUDD shoot. These talented people helped make our day very very special! Especially world renowned photographer, Marc Baptiste, acclaimed make-up artist, Mally Roncal and her cohort Christine, along with Bradley, a much sought after hair stylist, as well as Kithe, the creative artist who put together all the outfits the girls wore….he gave us our total look, and Matt Piccolo, the writer, producer, and director, who filmed the entire shoot!!!!(

The one and only Marc Baptiste, (father of twin daughters), Jackie in the middle, and Mollie on the right!

Me, the very talented Christine, and Jackie after the photo shoot! :]

Matt interviewing Jackie and Mollie after the photo shoot!!!

This picture is the result of a lot of hard work on the part of the entire crew. How nice of them to make all of us look our best :) Brittany, Me, Jackie, and Samantha!

Mudd Girls Really Do Move the World!!!

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