Recording Update and HUGE Announcement!

Hey everyone!

We’ve been so busy we haven’t even had a chance to tell you in a blog that last October, the four of us went to Nashville in an attempt to see if there was any interest in our act with our four part harmony and lots of humor!! Well, as it turns out, there was interest! More than we had any idea! In the end, we signed with the best! Sweetsong Nashville! :)  Who’d a thunk? :) As fortune shined on us, we returned to Nashville! For our first album!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We worked with some of the all time greatest musicians in Nashville! Check them out!

Then, just about the time we were beginning to get really tired, we took a well needed break that included food…Pizza to be exact! We went to a well known pizza hangout with our producer Dennis and his associate, Ronnie, and all of us had some of the best pizza we’ve had in a long time!

We were talking about the song we recorded that day called, “If we Were Big N Rich” and as soon as we finished dinner, we turned around and sitting right behind us was Two Foot Fred, the legendary funny man that travels with Big and Rich! As you can see by the picture, Fred is as sweet as can be and as thoughtful as everyone says! After all, he stopped eating to take a picture with us!

Then we went back to the studio (in Nashville!!!) feeling very satisfied and brighter (food does wonders to the four of us.) The very talented song-writer, kari Smith, who wrote one of our favorite songs, “My Sisters,” stopped by the studio to meet us and we all got together for a red head kind of picture! :) It was amazing to meet Kari! She is really really talented!

Mollie and Jackie taking a break during a recording session! :)

Jackie clowning around in the middle of “If we Were Big N Rich”

Mollie…just so excited that Mj2 is really recording in Nashville! :]

We were so busy when we came back, we’re late in posting all of this exciting news, but since we’re in rehearsal now and getting ready to leave for Nashville to record the next 4 songs of our album!!!! (wow)

In the meantime, check out our new YouTube Greeting, we believe in laughing, and making sure ya’ll feel welcome!

Let us know what you think! :) Leave a comment! or Twittering Tweet! :) hahahaha.
And don’t miss the MJ2ster Bloopers! :)

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