Singing at the JDRF Starry Starry Night Gala in Calgary!

Thursday, September 25, 2008
We just got to the hotel here in Calgary, and are all really excited to do our first show to kick off our career as “Mollie and Jackie!” You see, tomorrow, we’ll be singing at the JDRF Calgary’s “Starry Starry Night Gala” at the Hyatt Calgary Hotel! We better get some sleep for the sound check tomorrow and the show tomorrow night! We’ll write later!

Friday, September 26, 2008
It’s the day of the show! We went down for the sound check and gave the sound man a cue sheet, that indicates to him when to start and stop the music. The sound check was a little challenging, but we got through it, got a bite to eat and went upstairs to get ready for the show!

Tonight, we’re singing at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Calgary “A Starry Starry Night” Gala at the Hyatt Calgary Hotel, which is why we dressed a little more formally, actually we’re more comfortable in our jeans and cowboy boots! Anyway, we went on at 7:30 and we all had a great time performing (as you can probably tell by the pictures), but we were thrilled to support JDRF and our friends in Calgary!!

After our performance, we sat with Randy Diddams and his wife, Regional Manager Fundraising and Development, and we all enjoyed the rest of the entertainment.

The MC Nirmala Naidoo, the news anchor on Global Calgary in Canada, and Mollie and Jackie!

It was so nice to mingle and talk to people, especially some of the volunteers working to help JDRF, Amanda and Stephanie! :]

Mollie, Jackie, Megan, COO of JDRF Canada, with Mollie and Jackie! It was nice to see you again! :]

Heather and Randy, volunteers for JDRF, have a three year old daughter named Sasha, who was diagnosed when she was 14 months. We met Randy that night, and he mentioned to us that they read read our blog, curemoll, and really enjoy reading about what it feels like when Mollie’s blood sugars are low or high, because since their daughter is so young, she can’t yet describe how she is feeling.

We met Nick and Michael who are two young men who volunteer and give of their time to support JDRF, and who we had spent some time with after our show at the Gala! :]

Saturday, September 27, 2008

On Saturday, we had breakfast with some new members of the Diabetic Angels!! Click Here to read more!

We walked around for a while before leaving the hotel for the airport. We stopped for lunch at a café, and did some window shopping, warmed up with a wonderful cappuccino and chai tea.

We wanted to know what the statues felt like, so we thought we would stand like them for a while! Actually, it was a lot of fun! :] Ah, it did turn a few heads.

As you can tell, the most stylish member of MJ2 is our Aunt, lovingly known as Aunt Mama, because she looks exactly like our mom. As a matter of fact, Aunt Mama is not only stylish, but definitely a trendsetter! But she’s also crazy. The good news is, she keeps us laughing! As you can see by the pictures below!! :]

A true fashion icon! :]

Our trip to Canada was an amazing experience and as you can see, we had tons of fun! :] Thanks for coming to our blog and we hope to hear from you! :]

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