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This morning I had the pleasure of sitting down for a great breakfast with Mollie Singer and her mom, Jackie.  (Yes, her sister is Jackie as well.)  Mollie blogs over at CureMoll and has been type 1 since she was four years old.
We sat down for coffee and eggs at Pershing Square (right near Grand Central) and gabbed about college, relationships, and our experiences growing up with diabetes.  There’s something very unique about sitting down with another blogging diabetic and have that instant connection.  Mollie’s mom reminded me so much of my own mother, talking candidly about how an upbeat attitude can make all the difference.  And Mollie, with her bright smile, was just as sweet and positive as I had anticipated.
To that end, we laughed, joked, and had a good time.  Maybe too good a time, because when Mollie’s mother excused herself to the ladies’ room, this guy came over to our table.
“Excuse me, but my friends and I have a bet that you aren’t from around here.”
Did I hear him right?  “What’s that?”
“That you aren’t from New York.  Are you?”
Mollie shook her head.  “I’m from Vegas.”
“Me?  I’m from Rhode Island.” The guy laughed. 
“So definitely not from New York.  I knew it!  You seemed to fresh-faced and happy to be from the city.”
I couldn’t help but laugh right back. 
“You’re telling me that we seem too happy to be from New York?  That we’re too smiley?  Well sir, I take that as a high compliment then.”
Kerri and Mollie - not locals! :)
Cheers to you, Mollie, for being another happy face visiting NYC!!


I’m off to get an early start on the weekend - have a good one!

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