There's just something about this era!

There's Just Something About This Era!

We'll just put this out there...we love the 60's!

There's just something about this era! If you think about it, there are actually many similar themes in this tumultuous yet transitional time period and today...peace, war, fight for equality, love for your brothers and sisters, love of nature, and a passionate society pushing the limits and fascinated by finding creative advances that improve the world for future generations. And besides, did denim, flower crowns, butterfly tattoos, and good karma ever really go out of style?

This brings us to The Beatles of course! They're one of the most prolific and iconic bands of this era and of course the British Invasion. Although there are many songs by The Beatles that resonate with us, none struck a chord as deeply, as Paul McCartney's beautiful composition, "Yesterday." We think what makes the songs so universal is the contrast of not being able to let go of beautiful past memories with wishing to find some sort of an escape from the heartache they have caused. This song and so many of their tunes are relatable to the masses and certainly is a contributing factor as to why it's been covered so many times.

"Yesterday," once curiously called, "Scrambled Eggs," is one of the most popular songs of the 20th Century and astonishingly more than 50 years have passed since its release on The Beatles' U.S. album, "Yesterday and Today." On this week, actually October 9, 1965, "Yesterday" went #1 in the United States and stayed there for four weeks!

We love that The Beatles never let anyone define or box up their sound and always had a surprise up their sleeves! Such as how they, a rock band, ended up adding classical strings to the immortal recording of "Yesterday" by Paul McCartney, who initially just sang along with his acoustic guitar. Interestingly enough, what began as an inspiration from a dream so strong it nearly knocked him out of bed took the band over a year to perfect and complete.

Fittingly, our first idea to cover "Yesterday" came over 3 years ago and now we finally believe it's just right! So, to honor The Beatles' creative process, you'll notice a little something extra in the middle instrumental that award-winning studio and producer of Sweetsong Nashville, Dennis Money added! Thank you Dennis!

Anyway, take a listen, and we hope you enjoy and share our music video! It was shot in the beautiful serene area in Mount Charleston (if you've never visited our Las Vegas hiking ranges, definitely put it on your list!)  

This ballad makes us nostalgic, sad, and hopeful all at once.

What feeling or memories does this song bring back for you?

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