Trying To Catch Up And A BIG Announcement!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday!! :) It was so beautiful here in Las Vegas, getting colder by the day, which is awesome! :) It was in the 80’s last week…it’s in the 70’s this week…and according to Aunt Mama (who is the group weather-woman..) :) says it’s going to be in the 60’s next week…Yay! :)

Later tonight, MJ2 has rehearsal and we’re totally loving every minute of this past year! I can barely wait for rehearsal today, much less the upcoming show itself….which reminds me, I need to vocalize….

I know it’s been a while since we’ve “written” a blog…We have so much to tell you! I’m writing a quick blog on this beautiful Monday afternoon to update you all a little! The 4 of us will keep blogging all this week….with some pretty BIG news! :) (YAY!) 

Today, November 9, 2009, marks exactly ONE year since we began recording our album in Nashville, and are so excited to have had such an incredible year! We’ve worked so hard, yet it’s gone by so fast!! It’s hard to believe our first single is actually going to be available on iTunes tomorrow and our album will be released later this month!!!!

This summer, we spent 2 AWESOME week of the CMA Music Fest! We spent the first four days in the studio, recording non-stop, but we made up for being focused and disciplined by seriously enjoying the next three days…and nights! Great shows, lots of fun, especially Rio Grand, Heartland, and the Carter Twins…all were appearing at Cadillac Ranch!! However, the best part of the CMA Music Fest was watching the Country Music Fans, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!

On the big day, (tomorrow) ;) we will be writing a special blog, because the song ‘You Can’t Say Love Enough,’ the people, the blessings, the project, and the event we’ve been working on, are so special, it needs its own blog! :)

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Okay, well, we better get some sleep!! 
Busy EXCITING week ahead…. :-D

Always Smiling,
Mollie J., Jackie J., Mollie, and Jackie

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