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Hey everyone! Have you seen our new myspace page?  Also, our website has gotten a makeover…you might want to check out everything new!!!
We just got a Formspring Account!!!!! :) Ask us anything here! Are you a fan on Facebook yet? :)  
We’ve added photos to our Facebook Fan Page tonight! “MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT - You Can’t Say Love Enough” - Today (February 23, 2010) has been a great day, we finished filming our music video #youcantsayloveenough and had a post production meeting with our producer!  Do you follow us on Twitterrrrr? @mj2twins, @mj2molliej, @mj2jackiej, @mj2mollie, and @mj2jackie!!

Did we mention? WE ARE SOOOOOOOO EXCITED! It’s just a matter of hours before the global RADIO release of MJ2 & Celebrity Friends #YouCantSayLoveEnough!!!! YAY!

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