We're Thankful For...

We are thankful for each other, the talent we’ve been blessed with and the opportunity to work together, especially recording our first album and film our first music video, it’s been a great years! It’s so wonderful to have such a special relationship as parents, children, as an aunt, as sisters, and all of us as twins!

We are thankful for our family and their love and support through the good times and the bad, they’ve always been there for us. They are the ground that keeps us stable, the love that helps us grow, and the strength to endure all challenges!! We’re thankful for our music family, our producer, Dennis Money of SweetSong Nashville, who has worked so hard to give us the best sound we can get. Thank you for believing in us from the beginning. We’re thankful to Ronnie who found us and brought us to Dennis, and who is always there for us. We’re thankful for Herb, who didn’t need to take on another act, but did, and we’re grateful to have the team of Graham Artist Management behind us.

We are thankful for our publicist, Jules Wortman, who not only works to promote our act, but who works hard to help all of her acts! You rock Jules! We’re thankful to our bandleader, Tim Johnson, a multi-talented musician who we’re trying to teach him to think in A flat instead of G sharp, but it looks like a losing battle. He’s too highly trained! ☺ haha. Either way, we’re grateful that Tim is with us. We’re thankful for all of our friends in the music industry, especially…the very talented Rio Grand, Lee Greenwood, Wayne Newton, Dolly Parton, Heidi Newfield, Bill Anderson, Cowboy Troy, Steve Wariner, Larry Gatlin, Rudy Gatlin, Andy Griggs, Heartland, Burns and Poe, Moe Bandy, Buddy Jewell, T G Sheppard, and Mark Collie… Kaitlin Walker, Clint Holmes, Ken Henderson, and Dominic Allen.

We’re thankful to Dennis for having found a song that perfectly expresses love. You Can’t Say Love Enough is a fabulous song and we’re grateful that it is available on iTunes, and the Music Video is now playing on GAC and on YouTube. We’re thankful that we live in a country that is free, knowing that freedom is never free. And we’re especially thankful to all the men and women who so selflessly risk all to protect the freedom we all cherish. We are extremely thankful for our health, and are so grateful for the medical research and technology that will someday cure diabetes, and in the mean time, makes living with this chronic disease a little more bearable.

Finally, we are so thankful for our faith and to have God in our lives, for with the Lord at our side, nothing can stand in our way! Happy Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We wish you and your families a wonderful day and Holiday Season! ☺ It really is a wonderful life! :)

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