World Diabetes Day 2009


I started “World Diabetes Day” with my family, getting up early and going to the local JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes in Las Vegas…

MJ2 joining forces with Allie’s Angels at the @JDRFLasVegas Walk To Cure Diabetes with Allie and Shelby!! You guys rock! :)

Then, my sister, Jackie, and Aunt Mama right next to her, giving blood for a Diabetes Clinical Trial earlier this morning! :)


Allie and Shelby giving Jackie and Mollie a “Bear Hug!” So cute!!!!

Since we were starving, we all went to lunch after the walk, and then came home to do The Big Blue Test!


Unfortunately, I proved once again that no matter how hard you try to manage your diabetes properly, diabetes has a mind of its own and on my Big Blue Test, my blood sugar started out at 421. (eek! I haven’t seen that number in months!)

It’s excactly these kinds of incidents that make managing diabetes so frustrating and dangerous….


My support system, Jackie, was here again when I bolused for my unbelievably high blood sugar.
I guess, “You Can’t Say Love Enough!”

Taking our dogs for a 14 minute walk!!!!!! :) Here’s Jackie with Gracie, and Me with Bear and Barney!!!! :)

Love the beautiful weather! We came back inside and I tested…at 2:20…301…25 minutes later I was 253, and 20 minutes after that, I was 224! Almost 2 hours later, i was 137!! :)
The good news is my numbers went down…the bad news is, it’s a very fast drop!
So, I guess I’ll test every 14 minutes! ;) hehe

Happy Diabetes Awareness Day and World Diabetes Day!!!! :)

You Can’t Say Love Enough!!” :)


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